New Episode: May The Fourth Be With You

This week’s podcast theme is all about the greatest science fiction film of all time: Star Wars.

Contributions from Alvin, Ben, Pat and Wez. Also, many of the tracks in this mix come off vinyl, so please excuse the quality – they’re quite old and jump in places.


The Story of Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars Main Theme by Meco
The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovich
Yoda and the Force by John Williams
The Imperial March by Borris Midney|
Star Wars Cantina by Richard Cheese
Star Wars Cantina Theme by Meco
A New Hope by Blink 182
Darkside Lightside by Ash
The Imperial Theme by Rage Against the Machine
The Imperial Theme by No Doubt
Irresistible Force by 2 Skinnee JS
Star Wars Gangster Rap by unknown
Fett’s Vette by MC Chris
Ewok Celebration by John Williams

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