New Episode: Fruit Salad

fruit300This week’s episode is Fruit Salad.

Lovingly hand-picked from the finest fruit stores across the world! Expertly sliced and arranged for your taste earbuds.

Contributions from Anthony, again!


Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix) by Billie Holiday
The Fruit That Ate Itself by Modest Mouse
Cherry Bomb by The Runaways
Cherry Pie by Warrant
Apple Eyes by Swoop
Apple Tree by Wolfmother
Peaches by The Presidents of the United States
Orange Crush by R.E.M
Raspberry Beret by Prince
Juicy Fruit by Mtume
Take The Fruit by People Under The Stairs
Mandarines by Butterfingers
Banana Boat by Harry Belafonte
Fruit Juice by Snoop Lion
Banana Boat Man by Conquering Lion
Banana Baby by Gorillaz vs Space Monkeys
Mandarin Girl by Booker Shade
Strawberry Fields (A-Skillz remix) by the Beatles

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