New Episode: Cover songs


This week’s theme is Cover songs. That is, one band taking a song made popular by another band, and doing a version of it.

This week’s track listing:


Ring My Bell (Anita Bell) – Tori Amos
I don’t even like Tori Amos, but this is brilliant. Amos’s sensuality drips all over this cover of Anita Bell’s late 70s disco hit.

Back in the USSR (Beatles) – Chubby Checker
This dancefloor version of the Beatles hit was recorded in ‘69.. dude! I was also going to mention how Chubby died soon after this, but apparently he’s still alive and even still recording! Who knew?

I Feel Love (Donna Summer) – Curve
The sheer audaciousness of the screaming guitars, 90s techno beat, and Toni Halliday’s ethereal voice takes this cover of Donna Summer into the age of rave.

Gangsters (The Specials) – Dub Pistols
Originally recorded by UK Ska band The Specials, I suspect this started as a remix but then they got the singer of the Specials Terry Hall to record new lyrics. Also features MC Rodney P throwing shoutouts, giving a very live feel to the song.

Message In A Bottle (The Police) – DubXanne
As The Specials, so too The Police were incredibly influenced by Jamaican dub in their early days, and this project from a supergroup of modern dub’s (and not fucking dubstep!) finest, takes a load of The Police’s songs and gives them a redub. Vocals by Earl16.

Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones) – Pop Will Eat Itself
This rare single, one of PWEI’s last with Clint at the controls was recorded for a charity. I can’t recall with one. Featuring PWEI’s trademark guitars under samples and drumbeats, it also features UK Rapper Junior Reid, who also featured with Soup Dragon’s cover of Rolling Stones “I’m Free”.

Wandering Star (Portishead) – Quantic
One of the most profuse electronic acts covers the most proficient. The bright Latino feel cleverly disguises the gloominess of the original until the chorus.

Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix) – Jesus Jones
This screechy piece of 90s electro pop from Jesus Jones is another from the incredible Ruby Trax album. I’ve listened to this song a thousand times, and still have no idea what the lyrics are.

Kiss (Prince) – Mo’Horizons
Sung by Marga Munguambe, this take on Prince’s famous Kiss is a bright piece of African inspired funk.

Tainted Love (Soft Cell) – Inspiral Carpets
Taking Soft Cell’s electro pop anthem and turning into a screaming fuzzy guitar and hammond organ shoegaze ballad is pure genius!

The Only One I Know (The Charlatans) – Mark Ronson
If you told me 15 years ago Robbie Williams would sing on a funk version of a Charlatan’s song and I’d love it, I’d punch you in the face. However, this amazing cover by Mark Ronson is honestly one of the best on his album Version.

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