New Episode: ANZAC music


This week’s podcast theme is a mash of music from folk, rock, funk, reggae and hiphop, all from Australia and New Zealand artists past and present.



Broken Brights by Angus Stone
Gather to the Chapel by Liam Finn
Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel
Precious Rose by Eddie Current Suppression Ring
Sour Queen by Abel Tasman
The Unguarded Moment by The Church
Ding Dong by The Fabergettes
Can’t Get Enough by Supergroove
Spliffmonk by The Brown Hornet
Roady by Fat Freddy’s Drop
War by Kora
The Soul of the Beat by Hilltop Hoods
Under The Shade by HomeBrew

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Just a note about this week’s theme:

I don’t want people thinking I’m disingenuous by linking my podcast to the suffering and deaths of millions of people during WWI and all the other conflicts which have come since.

However, I do want to recognise the fact Australian and New Zealand’s people have fought  and continue to fight so valiantly so we can have such great countries which allowed us to produce such fine music.

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