Kicking it once again!

Hey Friday Funkateers!

I’m going to be revamping Friday Funkbox in Two O Fourteen!!

The first change you’ll notice is is now live! So no fuffing about with trying to remember which address is which!

Secondly, the podcast is going to be a monthly show, up on itunes and available through mixcloud. I’m working on a calendar to plan the show. I’m no longer going to be lazy, and set some time aside every month to do this properly.

I’m going to be using the FFB twitter feed and facebook to do more than just promote FFB, although it will continue to remain music focused. I’ll start posting about gigs I know about, gigs I’ve been to, and music I’ve heard / purchased.

Thanks for sticking with it, and lets make ‘Fourteen into the year of the Funk!

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