Friday Funkbox is coming back!

Hey everyone!

Sorry that Friday Funkbox has been on such a long hiatus, things didn’t work out exactly as I hoped.

I was hoping to be on your airwaves with Friday Funkbox Live, DJing live on in the Melbourne studio, taking themed requests from you as I DJed. Unfortunately, those guys have been delayed in setting it up, so that’s why you haven’t heard anything from me about the show since November.

But now that’s a bust in the short term, and the fact it’s getting cooler and darker earlier (and the fact that I’m broke as shit so won’t be going out as much…) I’m going to start Friday Funkbox back up in it’s original Podcast form!

So, hit up the Friday Funkbox Fan page, fire up iTunes and resubscribe to Friday Funkbox in preparation for next weeks funkcast!

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