Friday Funkbox on hiatus

Hey fans and friends of Friday Funkbox!

Sadly, I’m putting Friday Funkbox on hiatus.

I’m not entirely sure when it will be back, probably around August when I’m settled back in Melbourne.

I need to sort out two major problems I’m having with it.

Firstly without access to other people’s music, it’s just me picking music to a theme, which kind of defeats my entire purpose for putting this podcast together.

Secondly, I’m running out of space on my harddrive, which means not only am I having to delete stuff to store the music, putting the mix together is becoming full of tedious, noisy glitches (hence why the Alcohol theme isn’t up yet)

Rest assured it will be back as I do enjoy putting this podcast together, but it might come back in a different format or with episodes being released at a different pace.

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