Episode: June 2015: Queen’s Birthday

Queen's Birthday

Holy Crap! Are we back?!

Well, the website is back, and although I still don’t know how often I plan to update the podcast, here’sa super quick Audacity mix done over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend just to keep you all entertained…


Elizabeth My Dear by The Stone Roses
Sedition done sublimely
The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
– From one queen to another
God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols
– Yeah, continuing to say fuck you Queenie!
Familus Horibilus by Pop Will Eat Itself 
– Better than Annus Horribilus!
Queenswave by Pepe Delux 
– Probably about surfing but I prefer to think of it as about the white glove out the car window.
Problem Queen by Dangermouse 
– Do you reckon this why the kitty went to see the queen?
Killer Queen by Queen 
– Oooh! Double score!
Sour Queen by The Able Tasmans 
– Looks like someone sucked on too many lemons 
The Queen and I by ??? 
– Anyone able to tell me who did this mashup?

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