About Funkbox

Every Friday at work I did this thing called “Friday Jukebox”.

The purpose of this is to get people talking about my favourite love, music.

What happened was every Friday we’d put 4 or 5 songs in a shared music folder and play the tracks in our headphones as we worked. I’d set up a theme, and everyone would contribute songs fitting that theme.

I want to extend this to the ‘Net. A podcast seems to be the best way of doing this, although a weekly mix is a little too ambitious I’ve found, so it will be a monthly thing.

So for now we have the podcast known as Friday Funkbox. It’s a music podcast which will be available on the iTunes Store and via RSS feeds.

Think of it as monthly online radio stations themed around random things.

You can Subscribe Now on the  iTunes Store, RSS via Feedburner, and stream/download via Soundcloud and Mixcloud

I’m working out the best way for other people to contribute… For now, it seems the best way is through the Friday Funkbox webpage and  Facebook Fan Page, as well as Spotify Collaborative playlists. By following the FFB website, Facebook Fan Page or Google Plus links, you will find a weekly Spotify collaborative playlist available for you to add songs to!


In order to expand the listening base, I’m giving something away every month. Usually this will be a iTunes giftcard or Spotify giftcard or the like.

Because I’m based in Australia, the prizes will generally only be available for Australians. The competition is a game of skill as to be eligible you must match the theme with your suggestion, and the draw is random (I literally roll a dice!)


I am open to sponsorship for Friday Funkbox, so if you are in a band and want to be featured, run a label or a music promotion group, or are just a wealthy individual looking to help out someone with a passion for music, get in touch and let’s see if we can sort something out.

You can also help this podcast by making a donation through Paypal or Flattr.
As an FYI the site costs about $15 per month, and promotion costs around $50 per month, with prizes included.

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